• Overcountered: Overwatch counter team pick WebApp

    Overcountered is a small WebApp build with Angular JS that helps you decide & choose the best counter picks for the new Blizzard game: Overwatch.

  • Game Releaser: Web App

    Game releaser is a web/mobile App that helps you find the latest game releases of the month!

  • Gmail UI redesign concept

    A concept UI redesign of the current google mail client. A responsive clean gridstyle format.

  • Cucoloris.be

    Cucoloris is a freelance video content company located in Antwerp (Belgium). 2015

  • WeZooz Academy A5 Flyer

    Informative flyer about WeZooz Academy 2014

  • WeZooz Academy Poster

    Poster about WeZooz Academy 2014

  • Dreamland Prepaid cards

    Poster for the WeZooz academy prepaid cards in dreamland 2013

  • WeZoozAcademy.be

    WeZooz Academy is the first Dutch Online video learning platform in Belgium 2014

  • WeZoozAcademy Blog

    The Blog website from WeZoozAcademy.be 2014

  • You-view.tv

    Website You-view.tv (now www.you-view.be) is a Online video production company from Antwerp 2014

  • WeZooz.be – Redesign

    website Theme redesign for WeZooz.be is a Dutch Video How-To website 2014

  • Shoe Class

    Website for a sneaker store with basic info 2013

  • Broken Melodies II

    Flyer second IDM event at kavka 2013

  • Under Destruction 2

    Poster/Flyer design for a D&B event 2012

  • Shoe Class – Sneakers can also be classy.

    Poster advertisement for a sneaker store 2012

  • Detuned 2 Rooms of old school techno

    Poster Big Old school techno event 2012

  • Giftcards: Shoe Class

    Shoe Class Giftcard design

  • Disfiguring the Nutsfest

    Poster design for small gig at JC Metteko 2011

  • K50 Healty Food Center

    Coupon design for a free coffee 2011

  • Detuned – Taking you into the pleasure zone

    Poster summer Techno event 2011

  • Another Fight Fest II

    Poster: second edition of the event 2011

  • DeTuned: The Technotrance Mission

    Poster & flyer for a Oldschool Techno event 2011

  • Kill The Prayer Tour

    Poster for a band tour in 2011

  • Disposed To Mirth, Forget to forgive

    Poster for a gig in 2011

  • Another Fight Fest

    Poster for a small festival 2011

  • Shoe Supply

    Webstore for a Sneaker stores in antwerp 2011

  • Back to square one

    Poster: Back To Square One: EP-release ( Sonic theme )

  • De Zolderse Bikers

    Website cycling and mountain bike club.

  • Broken Melodies

    Poster/flyer for an IMD event 2011

  • Hopes die last, the elijah

    Poster Hopes die last 2010

  • Debo’s sweet sixteen

    Poster: birthday party 2010

  • Liferuiner

    Poster liferuiner 2010

  • Feral eve

    Quick Poster made  for a free party 2010

  • Liona

    CD artwork for new young Belgium band 2010

  • As Enemies Arise, Perceptions

    Poster for a small gig in 2010

  • owl wallpapers

    Some owl wallpapers i made back in 2010.

  • Parakachurdelekbookings

    Artwork for a booking agency 2010

  • Coactiv

    Small business website 2010

  • Cartoons.be

    SEO test project video website internship 2010