Overcountered: Overwatch counter team pick WebApp

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Overcountered is a small WebApp that helps you decide & choose the best enemy team counter picks for the new Blizzard game: Overwatch.

Overcountered is a small project I started to created while I was learning to use Angular JS. After some online tutorials, guides and code examples, I wanted to create a real first WebApp using Angular. And at that moment when I was searching for an idea’s to build a App with, Blizzard just launched there new hero based game called: Overwatch witch I played for a bit in the Beta already. Therefor I had the idea to build some kind of App that makes it easier for new players and veterans to choose the best possible counter hero to help out your team and maybe even win the game.

You can check out the WepApp Overcounterd at: http://mathiasmorelle.be/overcountered/

This App is basically made with the Twitter Bootstrap framework for stylistic purpose and as a CSS framework combined with the Angular JS framework I was learning to use for client side functionality. The info and images are from the Blizzard reference kit and website and I do not claim or own any of that.


My goal was to make the UI very Minimalist and Clear, so it is fast to use while you are playing a game and you don’t lose to much time searching around and get quick answers.


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    Twitter Bootstrap


Game Releaser: Web App

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Game Releaser is a Web/Mobile app that quickly show the latest game releases. ( still in development )

Game releaser is a small side project that i created & build natively in Javascript ajax, PHP in WordPress with the Twitter Bootstrap for stylistic purposes as a CSS framework that makes us of the IGDB API for the gameinfo. Game Releaser is a mobile-friendly, responsive Web App I created to help gamers keep up to date with the dates their favorite games are scheduled to be released.



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Game releaser is a web/mobile App that helps you find the latest game releases of the month!


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Cucoloris.be is a dutch small and upcomming freelance video content company located in Antwerp (Belgium).

They are Cucoloris , two creative people with the ambition to deliver visual content and to launch these in the right place and on the right time . In the digital world today images are central . They ensure that these images are not lost and end up in the right context. By working with talented freelancers with different backgrounds in the audiovisual sector , they can supply a wide range of custom content for each project.


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WeZooz Academy A5 Flyer

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WeZooz Acedemy a online video learning platform I was working on needed new flyer’s to inform what the project is about. Therefor I got the assignment to create new flyer’s for them. There are 2 front side version’s of this flyer for different campaigns where where doing at that moment.


Second front side flyer ↑


Backside of the flyer ↑

WeZooz Academy Poster

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WeZooz Academy is a online video learning platform I worked on for 2 years at you-view.tv. There for to inform everyone what the project is about I got the assignment to create a poster to simply explain what is WeZooz Academy about and why you should try it. This poster was afterwards send to every school in Belgium.



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WeZoozAcademy.be is the biggest project I worked on for more then 2 years at you-view.tv. WeZoozAcademy or WAC is the first Dutch Online video learning platform in Belgium for elementary school (Dutch: secundair onderwijs – kinds between  10 -18 years old). This website was a great success with over 40k registered users considering this is not a free service for the first 2 years. The website was completely in house build from scratch. I build every visual aspect of the website from front-end layout to icons and all elements. The website also changed a lot form the first year till now in both visual styles and functionalities. The front landing pages and price tables where all made with the power of Foundation the most advanced responsive front-end framework in my opinion. The rest of the website was all custom made and redesigned till it all fitted together. It was a great learning experience working on this project. 2012-2014


Landingpage ↑


Price table page ↑


Example register popup ↑


Website explanation page ↑


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WeZoozAcademy ranking page (list up all the top student’s for WAC)

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