If you ever wondered how the fox logo was made, then you in luck! I’m doing a short making of blog post/tutorial about how the fox logo was created. Before i decided to make a fox logo I needed some reference and whats the best reference you can get other than a real fox! 😀

fox logo 1

I wanted to create  small simple minimalistic logo, so therefor I just draw some contour lines in a symmetric order around the head to give me an idea and that already looked pretty good!

fox logo 2

Then i made some adjustment on the line thinness and created some eye’s

fox logo 3

fox logo 4

This was the first concept art result but, I wanted more.. 😀

fox logo 5

fox logo 6

I tried to experiment with more sup-tile details, therefor i used a grid line and connect all the reference skin line on a symmetric way.

fox logo 7

Then I make low polygon Shaps out of it with the average color of that point in the image. Using the blur average tool in Photoshop.

fox logo 8

fox logo 9
Then I mixed up things to fix it all in one but still have 3 deferent variation of the logo. the end result you find here belove.

fox logo 10

fox logo 11

And we are done! As you can see it is not that hard it only take some creativity and some experimenting to create something original and cool!
I hope you like this short “making of” the fox logo